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Lumen for Apple Watch is here: Track fat burn from your wrist

by Avi S. · September 13, 2021 · 3 minute read
Lumen device and a Watch

Lumen is thrilled to announce the start of an exciting relationship with Apple as we launch our first app for the Apple Watch. Over 100 million people globally wear an Apple Watch and we know that number includes many of our users. We’ve listened to customer feedback and are always looking for ways to enhance your Lumen experience. This new integration is a big step forward and we believe it is the gateway to further personalized nutrition in real-time. Remember, this is the first of many improved versions to come.

What is it?

The Lumen Apple Watch app is the only app on the App Store to tracks and helps you to boost your metabolism. In this initial launch, users can unlock key features taken from the mobile Lumen app and receive metabolic health and tracking results on their wrist.

Speaking about the highly-anticipated integration, Avi Smila, Lumen’s CTO and co-founder, says: “The Lumen Apple Watch app is the key to enhance and personalize the user experience of measuring and tracking their metabolism from the comfort of their wrist and in a way that seamlessly integrates into daily life. Our goal is to make you healthier every day and anywhere so that you understand what to eat when it matters, and how to fuel up for your workout in real-time.”

The main features

1 | Track fat burn from your wrist



The Lumen Apple Watch app makes it easier than ever before to see if you’re burning fats or carbs as fuel. Once you’ve recorded your breath, your metabolic measurement (from 1-5) will immediately display on your watch face. This is great for when you’re on the go and want to keep track of your fuel levels throughout the day, such as before and after meals.

2 | Personalized nutrition anywhere, anytime



Another feature we think users will love is the ability to keep an eye on their nutrition. You will be able to access your daily nutrition plan and macro breakdown simply by glancing at your wrist. This will tell you if you’re on a low or high carb day and help you eat the right amount of macros at every meal.

3 | Understand your workout impact on the go

Do you feel like figuring out what to eat before a workout is a guessing game? You’ll get real-time notifications on your watch that remind you to measure your metabolism before your workout, so you can understand if you need to fuel up or if you have enough carb stores to perform at your best. You’ll also get notifications to prompt you to record a post-exercise breath, which allows you to measure the impact of your workout and see if you were able to reach fat burn.


track progress from your wrist

We’ll be improving the app in future versions, so stay tuned!

Get started

To download the Lumen Apple Watch app visit the App Store on your Apple Watch. And keep an eye out for more updates coming soon.

Avi S

Avi S.