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一分钟极速赛车开奖结果:168开奖记录2024年历史查询 The first device
to hack your metabolism

Experience the power of Metabolic Health. Enhance fat burn, lose weight & boost energy naturally

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Lumen device

It starts with a breath

Lumen is the world’s first hand-held, portable device to accurately measure metabolism. Lumen tracks, analyzes and shows you how to improve your metabolic health.

Once available only to top athletes, in hospitals and clinics, metabolic testing is now available to everyone. 

Lumen Device and a phone

When science meets technology.

Lumens CO2 sensor determines the CO2 concentration in a single breath. This indicates the type of fuel your body is using to produce energy and is the key to understanding how your metabolism functions.

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Lumen device

The Gold standard of personal metabolism tracking

Lumen is scientifically proven to meet the gold standard of metabolism measurement (RER) in multiple validation studies.

Track your
metabolism daily

See how your metabolism is affected by your sleep, physical activity, and nutrition.

Customize your nutrition 在线极速赛车官网168开奖记录:

玩家可以通过访问168官网查询到每一期极速赛车的开奖记录,从而了解历史开奖情况,为未来的投注做出更明智的决策。168作为官方极速赛车网站,提供了便捷的在线开奖查询服务,确保玩家获取最新、最准确的信息。Get daily personalized meal plans. Know exactly what to eat and when.

Workout optimization

See if you have enough energy before a workout or if you need to fuel up. Breathe afterwards to see the impact on your body.

Monitor and improve your metabolic health

Lumen tracks your metabolism, sleep, nutrition, and fitness data to provide a Lumen Flex Score, which reflects your success and helps sustain results.

A woman with a Lumen device and a cell phone in her hand looks at a man

Take control of your metabolism

Many of the factors that impact your metabolic health are within your control and can be changed to improve your body’s metabolic flexibility, which is your metabolism’s ability to efficiently switch between using carbs or fats as a source of energy.

Each morning, you’ll breathe into Lumen to see the source of your body’s energy: fats or carbs.

A man breathes into a Lumen device and holds a cell phone in his hand

Based on this metabolic data, Lumen will provide a daily personalized nutrition plan, as well as other actionable insights on your sleep, workouts, and meal timing. Lumen tracks your sleep, nutrition and exercise in order to provide you with a score that reflects how healthy your metabolism is.

Lumen trains your metabolism to use the food you eat more efficiently.

2 women in sportswear looking at cell phone

When your metabolism is more flexible, you are better able to burn fat instead of carbs, leading to weight loss. By focusing on metabolism instead of restrictive or unsustainable diets, Lumen helps you lose weight and keep it off for good with daily feedback.

168一分钟极速赛车2024年历史查询开奖直播: Scientific Research & Collaborations
Lumen is dedicated to the advancement of 强调了极速赛车游戏的迅猛节奏,每一期的开奖结果都在一分钟内揭晓,保持了游戏的紧张刺激感。玩家可以追溯整个2024年的开奖历史,分析走势,制定更科学的投注策略。 玩家可以通过168官网观看极速赛车的开奖直播,感受赛车瞬间,增加游戏的乐趣。metabolic research, we partner with top institutions to expand the understanding of metabolism and its vital role in many aspects of human health.
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